Bay Advocates Call For MDE To Get Tougher on Counties, Stormwater

An article in today’s Baltimore Sun includes a call from environmental advocates for the Maryland Department of the Environment to step up inspection and enforcement of stormwater mandates. Specifically, the article references the Department’s ability to inspect county actions for local enforcement – citing their inability to complete such reviews, given staff limitations.

From the article:

Environmental advocates say the lack of state oversight could lead to lax enforcement on the local level — and put efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay at risk. Rain washing dirt, fertilizer and other pollutants into storm drains and then waterways is a major source of bay pollution — the only category that has grown despite costly cleanup efforts.

The Maryland Department of the Environment hasn’t reviewed any locality’s enforcement of stormwater pollution controls since checking Charles County in 2006, and the last review of some counties dates back decades. The department is required by law to conduct the reviews every three years.

Read the full article online at the Sun website (limited free views available).

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties