EPA Offers $400,000 in Green Infrastructure Technical Assistance To Local Governments


The Office of Wastewater Management within the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the availability of $400,000 in technical assistance in 2014 to local governments and communities interested in implementing green infrastructure for water quality and sustainability purposes. From an EPA email about 2014 Technical Assistance Program:

Communities across the country are interested in implementing green infrastructure to protect water quality, provide ecosystem services, increase resiliency to climate change, create economic opportunities, and support a high quality of life. Many communities, however, lack the tools, resources, or information to achieve these goals. As part of EPA’s commitment to engaging with local communities, EPA is offering direct assistance to communities interested in implementing green infrastructure. This technical assistance will serve both to advance the adoption of green infrastructure programs in selected communities and to develop knowledge and tools that can be transferred to other communities and to a national audience.

The value of the EPA assistance available in 2014 is approximately $400,000, and EPA anticipates providing assistance to 5 to 7 communities. Interested communities are encouraged to respond to our Request for Letters of Interest. If additional funding becomes available, EPA may return to the applicant pool identified through this request to select additional recipient communities.

Six communities were selected to split a total of $400,000 in technical assistance under the 2013 Technical Assistance Program, including: (1) Detroit, Michigan; (2) Lincoln, Nebraska; (3) Gary, Indiana; (4) Pima County, Arizona; (5) Spartanburg, South Carolina; and (6) Providence, Rhode Island.