Bill Would Prohibit Prince George’s School Board Credit Cards

As reported in the Washington Post, Delegate Alonzo Washington of Prince George’s County plans to propose a state bill that would prohibit Prince George’s County Board of Education from issuing credit cards to its members.

As described in the article, the Prince George’s County School Board  recently stripped a former member of her credit card after finding several unauthorized purchases.

The proposal comes months after the board stripped former school board member Carletta Fellows of her credit card after she used the district-issued card to pay hundreds of dollars in utility bills.

Del. Alonzo Washington. . .said he decided to offer the bill after hearing from his constituents about improving government oversight.

“I’m not looking at anything in the past, I’m just looking toward the future,” he said. “This is about transparency and accountability.”

For more information, see the full story from the Washington Post.