Thanksgiving TV Special Features Farming in Maryland

To help increase the public’s understanding of Maryland agriculture, Maryland Public Television (MPT) in partnership with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) is producing Maryland Farm & Harvest, a new series that will put a human face on farming, educate viewers about agriculture, and tell the stories of the industry that built this nation and continues to feed the world.

This program will take viewers from the mountains of Western Maryland, to the rolling hills of the Piedmont, to the broad, flat fields of the Eastern Shore, to explain this complex story of growing food and fiber in Maryland. Each episode will include segments about Maryland farmers, farms and agribusiness, all produced on location at farms and agribusinesses throughout the state.

The episodes air on MPT and are posted online Watch the first full episode here.  The first episode includes:

Episode 101: Thanksgiving

  • Mary Creek, Michael Creek, and Ryan Shank of Palmyra Dairy Farm along with John Heizer – DVM, discuss why Maryland’s elite cow embryos are international favorites.
  • Farmer Terri Wolf-King talks about rebuilding her farm following a tragic loss.
  • A new generation of farmers, including Trey and Herman Hill of Harborview Farms, works to save the Chesapeake through sustainable growing practices.
  • Then & Now: Flour Milling and Wye Mills.
  • Local Buy: Al Spoler visits Maple Lawn Turkey Farm to check out some locally-raised Thanksgiving turkeys.

Watch a trailer here:

For more information, see the MPT wesbite or contact the Maryland Farm & Harvest team.