Anne Arundel Council Delays Vote on School Cell Tower Bill

A November 5 Capital-Gazette article reports that the Anne Arundel County Council delayed voting on a bill that would restrict cell towers on public school property in order to consider additional amendments.  As previously reported on Conduit Street, Councilman Jamie Benoit introduced legislation to prohibit companies from building free-standing cell towers on school property in response to a proposed 99-foot tower at Piney Orchard Elementary School and potentially other public school sites. From the Capital-Gazette article:

A vote on a bill to restrict cell towers on school property was delayed Monday as the County Council considered more stringent amendments for the bill.  …

County school officials, who signed a lease in 2012 with Milestone Communications to place towers at as many as 40 schools, have complained the double setbacks are a defacto ban on towers at county schools. The lease could raise as much as $5 million for county schools through 2021.

Schools spokesman Bob Mosier said the Board of Education simply wants a clearly interpreted law at the end of the process.

“We’re all trying to arrive at a place where you have a piece of legislation that’s enforceable, that’s clear, that everyone can live with so that people know what the rules are going forward,” he said.

The earliest the bill will now be voted on is November 18.