Transportation Officials Discuss P3 Arrangement for Purple Line

Transportation officials recently met with the Montgomery County’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment committee to discuss the public-private partnership (P3) arrangement for the construction and operation of the Purple Line. As reported by the Washington Post:

Partnering with private companies to build and operate the Purple Line will save taxpayers about 20 percent of the cost of the whole project, a state transportation official told a County Council committee Monday.

“They’re going to get the work done with fewer people,” said Henry Kay of future contractors, known as concessionaires.

If the P3 arrangement moves forward, the project, which the State says will be operational in 2020, will be paid for through a combination of federal, state, local, and private dollars.

Kay said Prince George’s and Montgomery counties were responsible for 10 percent of the total $2.2 billion, making Montgomery County’s share $110 million.

However, the county has already made contributions — such as rights of way — that will be taken into account when the final tallying is complete, he said, so no final number was available.

The state is expecting about $900 million in federal funding and the concessionaire’s contributions could be from about $400 million to $900 million for construction.

The Maryland Transit Authority plans to brief the Board of Public Works on this arrangement at the Board’s meeting on November 6.

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