Capital Editorial Demands Accountability on Bay Cleanup

As previously reported by Conduit Street, the Capital-Gazette ran a series of articles last week on water pollution challenges surrounding the Chesapeake Bay.  The Capital has followed up to the conclusion of the series with an October 6 editorial supporting strong laws in the efforts to clean up the Bay:

A September court ruling affirmed the Environmental Protection Agency’s pollution diet, which is designed to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment in the bay.

It is a significant development. It finally gives teeth to laws long ignored or modified to mollify special interests.

The time is right for ironclad rules that are nonnegotiable. It is too late in the game for anything else.

The editorial also stresses the importance of accountability and addressing public concerns over the restoration efforts:

Politicians and environmentalists must understand their efforts face a skeptical public that sees little results. Residents would defund schools performing at the level of bay restoration — consistent Ds and Fs from environmental groups.

Yet, we have been hit by a combination of flush and stormwater fees in recent years. Marylanders rightly wonder if this is just tossing good money after bad.