Governing Webinar: Affordable Care Act

On September 17 at 2pm, Governing magazine will host a webinar discussion entitled, How Will the Affordable Care Act Impact You? The event is sponsored by Kronos, a global workforce management firm, and is free and open to the public.  From Governing,

The Affordable Care Act, coming January 1, 2015, will not only impact the U.S. health system, but the way you manage your workforce as well. Are you sure you have the right tools in place? A recent survey of k-12, higher education, and state and local government organizations found that while many organizations believe they are prepared for the advent of the Affordable Care Act few have the tools in place to comply with the new legislative requirements that lie ahead.

Join GOVERNING and industry thought leaders for an in-depth discussion on recent ACA research findings that will help you prepare your ACA strategy. Get the facts you need to start putting the right tools and processes in place today that will help you:

  • Deliver historical and real-time employee data
  • Provide visibility into eligibility status
  • Equip you with reliable, accurate scheduling data for whatever lies ahead

Speakers: Neil Reichenberg, Executive Director, International Public Management Association for Human Resources and Chad Quinn, Lead Analyst, GOVERNING

Additional information is available on the registration information page, or contact Lee Vang, Registration Coordinator, GOVERNING, 800-917-7732 ext. 1407,