Howard’s Roving Radish Program Opens First Storefront

RovingRadishThumbnailstorefrontHoward County’s successful Roving Radish recently opened its first storefront in Columbia. The award-winning program provides affordable, locally sourced meal kits to residents while supporting local farms.

From Howard County’s website:

rovingradish.pngRoving Radish, an award-winning Howard County program that provides healthy meal kits sourced from local farms, has opened its first storefront in Long Reach Village Center. The 4,142 square foot space will have a storefront offering fresh meat, dairy, eggs, and milk from local and regional farms and serve as a kitchen, storage and packing space for the weekly meal kits. County Executive Calvin Ball visited the new space last week with Program Manager, James Zoller. Photos of the new space can be found here.

“Roving Radish is another great addition to the revitalization of Long Reach Village Center and its storefront will serve as a wonderful hub for regional farms to connect with more Howard County residents,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “This program not only fits in with the direction and goals of Long Reach, but provides healthy, locally sourced meal kits that help connect our community and are offered at a discounted price to those in need.”

The Roving Radish program was started in 2014, and operates each year from May to November.

For more information, visit Howard County’s website.