Carroll County Commissioners Plan to Work With Municipalities on Environmental Mandates

An August 23 Carroll County Times article reports that the Carroll County Board of Commissioners plans to meet with the County’s eight municipalities to formulate solutions and minimize costs imposed by recent State and federal environmental requirements, including stormwater runoff mitigation.  The Board is scheduled to meet with municipal representatives in September.

Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier, R-District 1, said it’s important for the county to have open communications with the municipalities and brainstorm ways to handle the mandates.  …

By working together, the county and municipalities can find solutions that would benefit both of them and perform projects that are cost-effective, she said.  …

One way to help municipalities pay for the stormwater projects is to give them money, said Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5. The county could offer the municipalities a matching funding amount, Howard said, in order for the municipalities to become eligible for state grants.

Commissioner Richard Rothschild, R-District 4, said he wants to work with the Maryland Department of the Environment to give the county and municipalities more leeway when choosing which stormwater projects to complete.  …

Rothschild said he also is interested in having the municipalities and county partner up on projects, with both receiving shared credits from the state.

The article also indicates that the Board will seek input from MACo, the Maryland Municipal League, the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, and the Maryland Rural Counties Coalition.

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