Baltimore County Ordered to Refund Health Insurance Premiums

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County has been ordered by the Circuit Court to refund health insurance premiums that have been overpaid by Police Department retirees.  From the article:

A Baltimore County Circuit Court judge has ordered the county to refund nearly $573,000 in health insurance premiums that had been overpaid by hundreds of Police Department retirees, following years of litigation between the county and the police union.

Under the order by Judge Michael J. Finifter released this month, the county has 20 days to reimburse the retirees. The county owes the money, plus interest, to more than 400 people who retired between 1992 and 2007.

But officials with County Executive Kevin Kamenetz‘s administration would not say Tuesday whether they planned to pay up or ignore the ruling.

“The county is considering its options for fighting this further in court,” county spokeswoman Ellen Kobler said.