Governor O’Malley Addresses Local Officials at MACo Summer Conference

Governor O’Malley addressed the MACo membership on August 17th during the heavily attended, closing session of the organization’s summer conference.  The Governor began his remarks by thanking MACo President Rick Pollitt for his courageous leadership.  He also highlighted efforts in counties to expand opportunity and create jobs.  From the Governor’s remarks:

In Dorchester County, they’re working to build the first-ever incubator on the Eastern Shore to bring in IT, advanced manufacturing and agricultural research companies.

In Howard County, they’re building a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, to launch start-ups and strengthen new companies.

In Garrett County, they’re investing in broadband and wireless for 3,000 residents, and businesses in the most far-flung parts of our state—to ensure access to job-supporting,… innovation-spurring,… high speed Internet service.

His comments focused on areas where the State and local governments have worked together to build “common platforms” and the importance of job creation and opportunity.  He spoke of the balanced approach employed by his administration to weather the recession and results that were achieved.

During his comments, the Governor also announced MACo’s membership on the Local and Regional Transportation Funding Task Force.  MACo will be represented by its President, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt, and Lonnie Robbins, Chief Administrative Officer for Howard County.  Highway User Revenue and other local funding options will be discussed as a part of the task force’s charge.

Coverage of the Governor’s comments can be found in the Baltimore Sun.