Report Ranks Maryland #19 in Government Spending Growth

A July 23 article discusses a recently released map by the nonprofit Tax Foundation that ranks state spending growth since 2001.  The map ranks states based on their state government direct spending growth per capita between 2001 and 2011 in real dollars.  Maryland ranks 19th, with government spending growing 30.5% over the 10-year period.  From the article:

“Louisiana leads the pack with a 63.6% increase in spending,  followed by Wyoming (50.7%) and New Jersey (48.7%),” wrote the Tax Foundation  Communications Associate Richard Borean in a July 22 blog post. “On the other end of the spectrum,  Alaska’s direct spending grew 8.9%, the lowest in the country,” he continued.  “Close behind are West Virginia at 14.2% and South Carolina at 16.8%.”

Some other illustrative rankings:  #8 Pennsylvania (40.4%), #10 California (35.4%), #15 Texas (32.9%), #20 Delaware (30.4%), #29 Virginia (26.0%)

The article also includes reactions by the Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute and Change Maryland.