Ex-Officio Members Can Attend Executive Sessions of School Board Meetings

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In a letter to Delegate LeRoy Myers, the General Assembly’s Assistant Attorney General indicates that the exclusion of an ex-officio member of the Allegany County School Board from executive session meetings does not comply with State law.  From the Cumberland Times-News article:

The county commissioner sitting as an ex officio member of the Allegany County Board of Education has the right to attend executive sessions of the board, according to a letter from Assistant Attorney General Dan Friedman, the counsel to the General Assembly.

Friedman said his colleague, Elizabeth M. Kameen, the principal counsel to the Maryland Department of Education, agrees with his views.

“You have informed me that the Allegany County Board of Education has excluded one of its members from the executive sessions of the board and asked whether the complies with state law. The short answer is that such an exclusion would not comply with state law,” Friedman wrote.

Allegany County Commission members are considering further action against the alleged exclusion of one of its members from executive sessions of the school board.