Worcester County Opens Redistricting for Comment

Worcester County, facing population growth and redistribution across its geography, is amidst a process of developing new election districts — and will be opening that process for public comment later this month.

From coverage in the Daily Times (limited free views available):

The county was last redistricted after the 2000 census, resulting in an increase from five to seven commissioners in order to accommodate the county’s majority minority district.

“Every little change you make affects everybody else,” said Ed Tudor, director of Development, Review and Permitting. The department’s Technical Services Division did the analysis for the redistricting and issued the preliminary maps and data.

Tudor said his department worked with two main goals: maintaining the majority minority district, which is the central district, District 2 — “a district in which the minority is the majority,” Tudor said — and making the populations of each commissioner district as equal as possible.

For more complete coverage, read the Daily Times article, or visit the Worcester County Government website for more details.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties