Analysis Brings to Light Effect of Rising Sea Levels on State and Local Roadways

An article in the Cumberland-News Times, brings to light an analysis by the Capital News Service of the effect of rising sea levels on Maryland’s state and local roadways. An Executive Order signed by the Governor indicates that rising sea levels would affect 400 miles of roadways over the next century.  This number doubles when local roadways are factored in.

Maryland is home to more than 5,200 miles of state roads and about 21,000 miles of county roads, according to Maryland State Highway Administration documents.

A CNS analysis found that roughly 800 miles of roads would be affected if sea levels rise another 2 feet. At 5 feet, an estimated 3,700 miles would be underwater.

The bay already has risen more than a foot in the last century, and scientists predict it will rise 2 to 5 feet before the end of the next century.