Worcester County’s Chief Administrative Officer Retires After 27 Years

Last week, Worcester County bid farewell to their chief administrative officer Gerald Mason, as he retired after 27 years of service to the county.

Starting in 1986,

Mason’s job description meant that he had more contact with the commissioners on a day-to-day basis than almost anyone else.

From the MD Coast Dispatch,

You’re a team player and a strong leader who brings out the best in everyone who works for you or with you and that’s what a strong leader does,” said Commissioner Judy Boggs.

“It’s going to seem strange at the next meeting not seeing you sitting there,” Commissioner Merrill Lockfaw agreed.

Lockfaw was unique amongst the commission in having the “dual perspective” of having worked for Mason as a county employee and served as Mason’s boss as a County Commissioner. In both situations, Lockfaw said that Mason conducted himself with professionalism and courtesy.

While his perspective was unique amongst the commissioners, Lockfaw wasn’t the only person in the room to have worked both above and below Mason. County Attorney Sonny Bloxom recalled his time on the commission, a period which saw Mason’s appointment to the chief administrator’s chair.

“One of the best decisions I ever made was when we voted to hire Gerry as our county administrator,” said Bloxom.

Like Owens, no one disputed that Mason has earned his retirement.

“Your family is very important and in what time you have in your retirement, enjoy it, and spend it with your family,” said Commissioner Jim Bunting.

Worcester County also celebrated the retirement of Emergency Services Director Teresa Owens, last week.  Next month Mason will be replaced by current Financial Officer Harold Higgins while Owens will be succeeded by Emergency Services Assistant Director Fred Webster.

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