Cell Towers Radiate Debate on Phone Service, Safety & School Revenues

cell tower.png
Cell towers on school buildings continue to be a hot topic in Maryland.

As reported in by Herald-Mail Media, the Washington County Board of Education narrowly approved a cell tower site at a high school in the county.

Debates on placement of these towers at schools have occurred in districts throughout the State. Concerns about the health of students in close proximity to the towers rally opponents. According to a local government official who has dealt with this area before, however, federal law and the FCC bar any regulation of these facilities based on their health effects because as long as they operate in accordance with FCC standards, they are deemed to have no deleterious health effects.

The systems can also produce revenue for the school system through ground leases that provide space to telecoms.

For more information see BOE votes 4-3 to approve controversial cell tower at North Hagerstown High from Herald-Mail Media (limited article access)