School Board Leaders to Meet With MACo

At an upcoming retreat for the MACo Board of Directors, leaders and officers of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) will join county leaders to discuss county/school relationships, school budgeting policies, and potential collaborative efforts.

MABE’s President is Baltimore County’s Rodger Janssen, who met with MACo President Rick Pollitt during the 2013 legislative session. Among the topics raised by this interchange was a mutual interest in dialogue across leadership of the two organizations. Both organizations play a role in policy advocacy on behalf of their memberships, but also provide education and training functions for their membership and other interested parties. MACo and MABE have a long-standing agreement for cross-participation in conferences and events.

From MABE’s website:


The Maryland Association of Boards of Education, representing all boards of education, is the primary and preeminent voice for public education in Maryland. It challenges, leads, and assists local boards to create and maintain excellent public schools for all of Maryland’s children. MABE works collaboratively with all stakeholders to assure that all students achieve all that can be envisioned as learners, dreamers, and producers.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties