Carroll County Commissioners Set to Approve $68.1 Million Capital Budget

Carroll County Commissioners have proposed a $68.1 million capital budget for fiscal year 2014, which includes funding for road improvements, park projects, and schools.  An article in the Carroll County Times provides an overview of some of the projects to be funded.

The commissioners have allocated $24.2 million for capital improvement projects at schools in FY14 and $121.5 million over the next six years. The improvement projects include roof replacements, heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacements and technology improvements.

A large chunk of the county’s community investment plan for FY14, about $24.5 million, is planned to be used for various projects such as county building improvements and technology purchases.

The majority of the money set aside for various government projects, approximately $17.5 million will go toward the conversion of the county’s analog radio system to a digital radio system. Scott Campbell, administrator of the Office of Public Safety, said the money will pay for retrofitting the county’s current eight radio towers and the addition of three more towers.

The Commissioners are scheduled to approve the capital budget on May 28.