Anne Arundel County Council Revises Stormwater Fee

The Anne Arundel County Council adopted a revised stormwater management fee at its meeting on Monday, May 20.  Earlier this year, the Council’s original fee structure was vetoed by County Executive Laura Neuman, but passed by the Council’s vote to override the veto pending further action. The new fee structure reduces the maximum fee commercial property owners would pay and phases-in the fee for some property owners.  As reported by the Baltimore Sun (limited free views available):

Owners of nonresidential properties still must pay based on the percentage of their lot that’s covered by impervious surfaces such as parking lots and rooftops. But they’ll be capped at the equivalent of 25 percent of their annual property tax, instead of 35 percent in the original version of the stormwater fee.

And for any fee that is greater than $500 per year, there will be a three-year phase-in period, under the bill passed Monday.

Residential property owners will still pay $34 per year for townhomes, $85 for most single-family homes and $170 for rural homes.