NACo Seeks Steering Committee Members

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is actively seeking interested county officials – either elected representatives or professional managers – to serve on its various policy steering committees.  Maryland officials interested in serving are invited to contact Kaley Walker at MACo to express interest.

From NACo’s website, on How To Join A NACo Steering Committee:

If you have knowledge or an interest in a certain issue area or concerns about the effects of federal legislation on your county, then you should become a member of a NACo Steering Committee. The steering committees enable county officials from member counties to become actively involved in NACo’s policy process.

The process of joining a steering committee is simple: You need to apply through your state association of counties.

Here are the important points to remember:

Your state association receives steering committee nomination forms from NACo in the spring. You should fill out and submit a nomination form to your state association of counties approximately one month before the NACo Annual Conference, which usually occurs in July.

You should mark on the nomination form your first and second choice of which steering committee you would like to serve.

Members of NACo affiliate organizations who want to serve on a steering committee should follow the same process.

NACo makes every effort to accommodate the nominee’s first choice of steering committee assignments. Committee appointees serve on a committee for one year and cannot transfer membership to another committee, or serve on more than one steering committee, during that year.

A form to apply for steering committee membership is available online, and may be completed and returned to Kaley Walker at the MACo offices – either via email or by fax to 410-268-1775.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties