NACo Webinar: Applied Analytics – The Benefits of Spend Visibility in County Government: February 17, 2016

The National Association of Counties will be holding the webinar “Applied Analytics – The Benefits of Spend Visibility in County Government” on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 2:00 pm until 2:30 pm eastern time.

Did you know that county governments significantly understate their IT expenditure every year? Or that the average county already spends 75% or more of its money with small businesses? If you knew these to be true of your own county government, would they change how the county acts?

At the National Association of Counties, we recognize that every county in the nation is held politically accountable for the taxpayer dollars they spend. By contributing to the research being presented on this 30 minute webinar, we hope to shed greater light on how county government officials can use spend data to save taxpayer dollars, promote local economic growth, inspire confidence and manage risk, and create transparency within communities. The points raised in the research paper apply to every county, big or small, urban or rural, in every state.

Some of the findings surprised us. Some confirmed suspicions we already had. And some provided answer to questions frequently asked by county executives. NACo works constantly to identify, acknowledge, and offer solutions for the many challenges facing county executives, and we believe that this paper serves as an excellent addition to the list of resources we offer. This webinar represents the official launch of the “Applied Analytics – The Benefits of Spend Visibility in County Government” research paper.

Click here to register for NACo’s webinar. Questions? Contact Sarah Lindsay at 202.942.4228.