Lindsay Retiring After 32 Years in Carroll County Government

Courtesy of Christian Alexandersen of Carroll County Times
Courtesy of Christian Alexandersen of Carroll County Times

After 32 years of working for Carroll County Government, Pamela Lindsay will retire on April 5.  Starting in Carroll County as a part-time employee at the county’s Bureau of Aging, Lindsay has moved around and has concluded her career with being the administrator of the Office of Human Resources for the past two years.

When reflecting on her time at Carroll County, Lindsay said,

“When I came to the county to work in 1981, I never envisioned staying here for the rest of my working career. I learned early on, that the majority of the employees are caring and dedicated; they take great pride in their work. My feelings haven’t changed over these 32 years.”

And a bit of advice she suggests for the person who takes on the administrator position next:

Value your employee strengths, let them do their jobs. Be fair and consistent. Remember there are usually two sides to every story. Lastly, trust your instincts. That little voice is in your head for a reason.

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