Important Session Deadlines Approaching

For those watching the 2013 General Assembly session, the next week or two will be a busy stretch, as many committees will be finalizing their efforts on bills still before them. Two important deadlines loom in the days ahead.

From the 2013 Session Dates of Interest online:

March 19th, 70th Day
Committee Reporting Courtesy Date – Each Chamber’s committees to report their own bills by this date

March 25th, 76th Day
Opposite Chamber Bill Crossover Date – Each Chamber to send to other Chamber those bills it intends to pass favorably
Opposite Chamber bills received after this date subject to referral to Rules Committees (Senate Rule 32(c), House Courtesy Date

The “crossover” date in particular is heavily watched among political actors in Annapolis, and these approaching deadlines will likely trigger extended work sessions in committees and on the floor of each chamber in the week ahead. MACo will continue to engage in a number of county issues still in play in the waning weeks of the session.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties