MDP Releases Comprehensive Report on Septic Implementation

The Maryland Department of Planning has released its comprehensive status report on the implementation of septics tiers and related provisions of SB 236 from 2012. As previously reported on Conduit Street, the Department has recently been offering its observations on the county progress with the development and adoption of the tier maps.

The report reviews each jurisdiction’s progress on plan development and adoption, and includes comments and mapping alternatives for numerous counties. Following a presentation of a wide range of factual data and procedural or substantive comments, the Department offers a summary of its envisioned “Next Steps” as follows:

Next Steps

MDP will continue to work with those local governments that have not adopted tier maps to provide whatever assistance and support is necessary for them to do so. For jurisdictions with adopted tier maps that received MDP comment letters, MDP will coordinate with them in preparation for their required public hearing and to hopefully bring their maps into compliance. At the time of writing the administration is considering options for how to best respond to the counties with problematic tier maps.

Material from the Maryland Department of Planning:

Main Septics Website

February 1 Report to General Assembly

Maps for Each County and Municipality

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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