Makeover Montgomery Conference to Address Smart Growth Solutions

Suburban areas throughout the nation are working to find effective means to address population increases, changing housing preferences, and growing infrastructure costs, all while making communities more sustainable. The National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, the Montgomery County Planning Department, and the Urban Studies and Planning Program at the University of Maryland are co-hosting a two-day conference entitled Makeover Montgomery: Innovative Strategies for Rethinking America’s Suburbs Conference. Conference topics include:

  • Planning tools to counter sprawl
  • Transportation networks that really work
  • An analysis of sustainability strategies, from LEED to urban-style development
  • Designing redevelopment projects on a small scale
  • Creating pedestrian-friendly town centers
  • Engaging communities in redevelopment projects
  • Stormwater regulations and how they affect suburban redevelopment

Makeover Montgomery will be held April 14-16 in Silver Spring, MD.  For registration information, please click here.

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