A New Set of Officers Among County Council Members and Commissioners

Across the state several counties recently transferred responsibilities to a new set of officers, and a few still have upcoming elections.

  • In Anne Arundel County, Jerry Walker is the new Chair of the Council and John Grasso is now the Vice Chair.
  • In Caroline County, Commissioner Wilbur Levengood becomes President of the Commission, while Commissioner Jefferson Ghrist assumes the Vice-President post.
  • In Carroll County, Commissioner Doug Howard remains the Commission President, Commissioner Dave Roush is the new Vice President, and Commissioner Haven Shoemaker is the Secretary.
  • In Dorchester County, Councilman Jay Newcomb and Councilman William Nichols were re-elected as Council President and Vice President, respectively.
  • In Garrett County, Commissioner Robert Gatto will now be chairman of the Board of County Commissioners.
  • In Howard County, Councilwoman Jennifer Terrasa will be the Chairperson, and Councilwoman Mary Kay Sigaty is the new Vice Chairperson.
  • In Prince George’s County, Council Chair Andrea Harrison will continue another term, while Council Member Obie Patterson assumes the role of Vice Chair of the Council.
  • In Montgomery County, Council Member Nancy Navarro was elected Council President and Council Member Craig Rice was selected as Vice President.
  • In St. Mary’s County, Commissioner Jack Russell remains President (elected directly to that role) while Commissioner Lawrence Jarboe will become the Commission Vice President.
  • In Talbot County, Council Member Dirck Barlett will be the President and Council Member Corey Pack will be the Vice-President.
  • In Wicomico County, Council Member Matt Holloway is the new President and Council Member Bob Culver is the new Vice-President.
  • In Worcester County, Commissioner James “Bud” Church remains President and Commissioner Merrill Lockfaw has assumed the role of Commission Vice President.

The following chart shows the terms of officers for each county and their next officer election.

Jurisdiction Term of Officers Next Change
Allegany 4 years 2014
Anne Arundel 1 year 2013
Baltimore City 4 years 2014
Baltimore County 1 year 2013 (Jan 1)
Calvert 1 year 2012 (Dec 18)
Caroline 1 year 2013 (Jan 1)
Carroll 1 year 2013
Cecil 2 years 2014
Charles 4 years 2014
Dorchester 1 year 2013
Frederick 4 years  2014
Garrett 1 year 2012 (Dec 14)
Harford 4 years 2014
Howard 1 year 2013
Kent  4 years  2014
Montgomery 1 year 2013
Prince George’s 1 year 2013
Queen Anne’s  1 year 2013 (Jan 8)
St. Mary’s  1 year (VP)  2013
Somerset 4 years 2014
Talbot 1 year 2013
Washington 4 years 2014
Wicomico 1 year 2013
Worcester  2 years (VP) 2014

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