Webinar Covers Fiscal Cliff’s Local Impact

On Tuesday, December 11, from 2-3 pm, Governing will host a free webinar focusing on the local impact of the fiscal cliff.  Michael Wallace, Program Director for Community & Economic Development in the Federal Relations office of the National League of Cities and Marcia Howard, Executive Director, Federal Funds Information for States will make up the panel and questions will be encouraged.

By hosting this open conversation, Governing seeks to ground the debate over the fiscal cliff and sequestration in terms that matter for local governments.  Topics will include,

• Which state and local programs would be hit hardest by sequestration, which would be exempt and why.

• When state and local governments would actually lose funding.

• How deficit reduction would play out in 2013 as opposed to over the next 10 years.

• How Congress could avoid the cuts, what the alternatives are and why some scenarios could actually be worse than sequestration.

• Is the sky falling–or not? Reality vs. Hype.

Registration for the webinar is now open.

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