Cyclists, Pedestrians See Path Forward in Western Baltimore County

Baltimore County’s Council recently approved the Western County Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plan.  The plan will now be incorporated into the County’s Master plan.  As reported in the Baltimore Sun,

The plan outlines possible steps to take whenever new construction is planned. Those steps could include adding striping or bike lanes as part of a repaving project or asking a developer to add sidewalks or other walker-friendly improvements to a new project, Schlabach explained.

The goal is safe travel for anyone walking or riding a bike so the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are considered with new or retrofitted sidewalks and bike lanes, transportation and road planning, signs and training.

The Western County Access Plan is phase two in the three part planning project, which started with the eastern part of the county and will be completed with a plan for the rural part of the county.  Implementation of the plan will be subject to budget considerations.

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