FEMA Seeks to Create a Local Network in Online Community

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is sending out special invitations to join to its National Preparedness Coalition. The National Preparedness Coalition is an “online community” that provides a variety of resources that may be helpful to a range of county agencies with lead and supporting roles in emergency preparedness.

The website provides a map-based calendar of upcoming training offerings searchable by zip code.  Additional resources such as event ideas, canned preparedness messages, and poster graphics aim to help those developing their own preparedness events. The website also provides a forum to join a regional and national discussions of part emergency events, and best practices.

The Coalition has doubled its membership in 2012 to over eighteen thousand members.  Here are FEMA’s list of the top 5 reasons to join the National Preparedness Coalition:

  1. Get access to useful information to help you prepare.
  2. Promote your national preparedness event on the calendar.
  3. Get support and share best practices with over 19,200 members.
  4. Connect with FEMA personnel and others near you in the regional forums.
  5. Help others prepare and increase our resilience.

Registration for the National Preparedness Coalition is free and available online.

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