Talbot County Takes Strategic Move Towards Renewable Energy

Talbot County recently installed twin-panel sun-tracking solar power systems to provide clean and renewable energy at the Oak Creek Landing facility. Located off of St. Michael’s Road, Oak Creek Landing is a heavily used park and public access point to Oak Creek and the Miles River. The Star Democrat reports that  the newly installed devices produce up to 45 percent more power than conventional panels by tracking the sun using GPS.   The generated energy is then used to power parking lot lights and a marine pump out.

The Oak Creek Landing project represents Talbot County’s first use of the sun-tracking technology. John Craig, County Administrator stated:

“There’s a pride factor involved: We’re proud that we’re in the forefornt of using renewable energy. The project is part of a comprehensive strategy to move (the county) toward renewable energy.”

The systems were installed by Chuck’s Electrical Inc. of Centreville, MD, and the devices were produced by Advanced Technology & Research Corporation (ATR) of Columbia, MD. ATR has developed several innovative solar products – all incorporating sun-tracking technology – including home do-it yourself models, solar-powered car-chargers and hybrid wind/solar hybrid systems.

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