Queen Anne’s County Lifts Pit Bull Adoption Ban

A July 30 Star Democrat article reports that the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners have voted unanimously to lift a county moratorium on pit bull and pit bull mix adoptions.  The moratorium had been in place since May 8.

The moratorium was a response to the April 26 Maryland Court of Appeals ruling deeming all pit bulls and pit bull mixes “inherently dangerous.” The Office of the Attorney General of Maryland July 10 issued an opinion calling for a stay of the ruling and filed a motion for reconsideration.

Even before the Attorney General’s actions, Queen Anne’s County Director of Animal Services Dave MacGlashan and his staff had made preparations to have the moratorium lifted.

Animal Services drafted a special liability waiver for adoptions of the breeds specifically targeted by the controversial legislation. The waiver will accompany the group’s existing adoption waiver and paperwork for anyone seeking to adopt a dog classified as a pit bull or pit bull mix.

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