Anne Arundel County Considers Sellings Its Water

Anne Arundel Council Member John Grass has proposed bottling and selling the county’s water as a possible way to increase county revenues.  As reported by the Baltimore Sun,the county has received recognition for the its water quality and taste.  Council Member Grasso stated:

“Parks, schools, all the county contracts [with vendors] that have anything to do with county government will be required to have county water in there,” he says.” I am going to promote Anne Arundel County. Why shouldn’t we make money, bring in some revenues?”

Grasso discussed the plan with a bottler recently but said they have yet to crunch the numbers to determine the profit potential. There also may be a promotional value, and Grasso has suggested giving away Anne Arundel- brand water at county events. In addition, he said, retailers who carry the water would be showing their support of the community, and residents who buy it would be helping their county’s bottom line.

The actual profitability of the venture has not been determined and in other areas throughout the nation, bottling has resulted in varying degrees of success.   Other Anne Arundel County Council Members and officials are reviewing the proposal.

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