NACo Publication Examines Relationship Between Jails and Affordable Care Act

This past spring NACo produced a publication entitled “County Jails and the Affordable Care Act: Enrolling Eligible Individuals in Health Coverage,” to examine the role of counties in enrolling individuals for health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act.  In 2014 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will provide new health insurance coverage options for millions of individuals through an expansion of Medicaid eligibility and the establishment of state-based health insurance exchanges.  The NACo publication examines ways in which counties may be involved in eligibility determination and enrollment processes for these newly eligible individuals, focusing particularly on issues related to enrolling qualified individuals held in county jails as per-adjudicated detainees and inmates preparing to re-enter the community.  Specifically, the publication will assess some of the potential issues and challenges county jail and human services staff may face in terms of enrollment procedures.  The brief also highlights examples of existing county-based enrollment strategies that may be able to serve as models.  To view the full report, visit the MACo website.

For more information contact Anita Cardwell .

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