Carroll County Commissioners Set to Vote on FY 2013 Budget

Carroll County Commissioners will vote today on the proposed FY 13 Operating Budget and the FY 13 – 18 Community Investment Plan.  The budget will include a property tax credit, increased funding for schools, and employee bonuses.  An article in the Carroll County Times summarizes the budget highlights.

FY13 Operating Budget

  • Carroll Community College flat funded at $6.9 million
  • Carroll County Health Department reduced $180,810
  • Carroll County Humane Society receive an additional $53,593
  • CCVESA receives an additional $60,757
  • Carroll County Department of Public Works receives an additional $736,264
  • Carroll County Recreation and Parks receives additional $70,098
  • Nonprofit organizations are flat-funded
  • Add $3.4 million for reserve for contingency fund
  • Add $2 million to the Carroll County Regional Airport’s enterprise fund

FY13-18 Community Investment Plan

  • $11.7 million for road improvements
  • $683,000 for bridge construction and improvements
  • $66,000 for community self-help projects
  • $1.3 million for county technology improvements
  • $200,000 to design an additional circuit court courtroom
  • $11 million for agricultural land preservation

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