Wicomico County Withdraws FY 2013 MOE Waiver Request

A May 23 Salisbury Daily Times article reports that Wicomico County has withdrawn its maintenance of effort waiver application for FY 2013.  The County was seeking the waiver to avoid a $14 million mandated increase in local school spending, but language included in the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2012 (SB 1301) that was passed during the recent Special Session made the waiver unnecessary.

The relief came thanks to an amendment to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act that allowed Wicomico County to avoid the mandated increase to Maintenance of Effort spending by agreeing to increase local income and property taxes –with the intent of raising more revenue for local schools in future years.  …

Without the BRFA amendment passed in the later special session, the changes would have returned MOE requirements to the older higher levels existing before the economic downturn –before Wicomico County cut some $14 million from the schools budget.  …

“I am now able to proceed with my original budget to the Wicomico County Council,” County Executive Rick Pollitt said in his letter to the state board of education withdrawing the waiver request. “That budget provides the full amount originally requested by our local board of education, not only achieving MOE but adding more than $500,000 in new funding, as well.”

The Wicomico County School Board is continuing to work with higher funding figures that were based on the waiver request but may change its position once it receives updated State funding information.

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