2012 Watershed & Stormwater Conference

The Center for Watershed Protection has announced the dates for the 2012 Watershed & Stormwater Conference, October 8-10 in Baltimore, MD. Watershed management has become a multi-disciplinary effort that engages an entire team, from the professional geologists and hydrologists who enhance our understanding of the movement of water across and under the land, to the scientists and engineers who conduct research and develop the tools for implementing best management practices, to the citizens who live in the watershed and witness the day to day activities that influence its health. In today’s complex world of budgets and regulations, the field of watershed management must also include environmental economists and enforcement professionals in order to effectively navigate and implement the tools of watershed protection. The topics of the 2012 Watershed and Stormwater Conference include both wide ranging topics to address the needs of this varied audience while ensuring an offering of new and emerging ideas in the field.

This conference  will celebrate the Center’s 20 year anniversary and the launch of the Center’s professional membership program, the Association of Watershed and Stormwater Professionals (AWSPs).

Registration information is available by following this link.

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