Public Interest Groups Jointly Call For Special Session

An April 30 MarylandReporter article discusses the recent unified call by almost 60 public interest groups for the State to hold a special session.  The groups have launched a campaign  entitled “Save Our State” that is designed to put pressure on Governor Martin O’Malley, Senate President Thomas Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch to call a special session.  The groups have jointly signed a letter to the leadership outlining why the “Doomsday budget” cuts that took effect when the General Assembly failed to reach a consensus on a revenue package and other budget actions before the end of the 2012 regular Session must be addressed.  An excerpt from the letter:

We urge you to come together and resolve Maryland’s ongoing budgetary crisis now.  The doomsday budget cuts, and the need for more cuts in the future because of a failure to address our structural budget deficit today, are not a path that will move Maryland forward.  We cannot afford to shortchange our public schools, health care, public safety, higher education, and state programs and workforce—the very things that Marylanders depend on every day.  Balancing a budget while sacrificing our state’s critical programs, services, and quality schools will only harm the well-being and future of our citizens, communities, and state.

From the MarylandReporter article:

 Many of the signers are directly affected by the budgets cuts, including the  largest public employee unions and teachers unions, which are sponsoring the “doomsday clock,” ticking down next to the letter.

But they are also joined in signing the letter by dozens of social service  organizations that serve the developmentally disabled, families in need, the  mentally ill, child care, struggling schools and health care.  …

Americans for Prosperity, a leading Tea Party organizer, is circulating its own letter petitioning O’Malley, Miller and  Busch not to call a special session.

“Instead of responsibly balancing the budget, like I have to everyday, you  chose to play political games,” the letter says. “You increased spending by $500  million, raised taxes (and fees), and wasted your time and my money.”

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