Second Special Session Could Deal With More Than Gaming

Although it has been said that a likely second special session later in August will focus on gaming, others have expressed interest in addressing other issues. From a Gazette article:

During a conference call Tuesday, a group of black leaders from business, faith and community organizations said they would call for a second look at O’Malley’s wind energy proposal, which would add a surcharge to electric bills to jump-start offshore wind development off the coast of Ocean City.

Del. Eric Luedtke (D-Dist. 14) of Burtonsville said he would like the legislature to reconsider a plan to raise transportation revenue in one of the special sessions.

“Our economic future depends on transportation funding,” Luedtke said. “We need to do something, and we need to do it soon. It should be, after the budget, priority number one.”

Montgomery County House Delegation Chairman Del. Brian J. Feldman (D-Dist. 15) of Potomac said just days after the session ended that he also wanted to see transportation funding on a special session agenda, noting that 2014 re-election bids could dampen lawmakers’ appetites to raise money for the fund in 2013.

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