Two Special Sessions Likely – Budget in Mid-May, Gaming Over the Summer

As reported by the Gazette, a special session is likely to occur in mid-May to finalize the State’s FY 2013 budget plan.  From the article:

A breakfast meeting Tuesday morning between Gov. Martin O’Malley and legislative leaders appeared to end without resolving the disagreement over the state’s budget, but both O’Malley and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. said reconvening in mid-May was likely.

O’Malley told reporters gathered at a State Board of Education meeting in Baltimore that he wanted to hold a meeting with his staff and budget negotiators from each chamber this week.

A budget resolution is necessary before May 23, when the state’s Board of Public Works will meet to consider $130 million in cuts required to balance the “doomsday budget,” O’Malley said.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, some of the “doomsday” reductions cannot take effect since corresponding statutory changes were not made.

The Governor and  presiding officers also discussed holding a second special session to address gaming.  From a Washington Post article:

Pushing off the gaming debate by several months would allow House leaders to better gauge support for a Senate bill approved late in the session, legislative aides said. And it would also allow time to engage a consultant to better inform their decisions.

While August was mentioned as a likely time for the second special session, late July was also mentioned as  a possibility.

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