Legislation Empowering State Decision-Making In Many Areas

Sunday’s Baltimore Sun includes discussion of the Annapolis political scene during the waning days of the legislative session, noting the multiple bills allowing state decision-making power to supersede that of local governments. From the article (limited free views available):

As the General Assembly session rushes to a close, many conservative lawmakers and local officials are battling to halt a series of bills, large and small, that they say would shift decision-making power from counties to the red brick buildings of Annapolis.

One measure would force counties to require sprinkler systems in all new housing. Another would make local governments levy a new fee on their citizens. Even the ethics forms of county officials would be controlled by the state under proposed legislation.

At the same time, Annapolis is leaning harder on county governments for money, with both chambers signaling they will shift tens of millions of dollars in pension costs to localities.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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