Baltimore County Executive Proposes FY13 Spending Plan

On Thursday, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz unveiled his proposed $1.65 billion spending plan for fiscal year 2013.  The spending plan holds taxes flat,  reduces the number of county employees by 7  percent,  and increases the county’s general fund operating budget by 2.8 percent.  The Baltimore Sun reports:

“A key component of our plan to maintain county services, avoid increases in the tax rates, and protect our employees from furloughs or firings has been a voluntary reduction in the gross number of County employees,” Kamenetz said in a prepared statement.

Funding for schools accounted for more than $1.33 billion of Kamenetz’s proposed budget, maintaining funding levels from last year and providing for new air conditioning systems in 12 schools, he said.

The budget adds 124 teaching positions while eliminating 50 non-classroom positions, Kamenetz said.

Kamenetz’s budget includes a list of infrastructure commitments under a six-year, $2 billion capital improvement program.

The proposal calls for spending $5 million on upgrading county technology programs; $6 million on major school maintenance; and $3 million on school roof repairs.

The budget proposes spending $20 million for road resurfacing projects in the next two years; $13 million for acquiring fire department breathing apparatus, medical units and ladder trucks; $26 million for heavy public works equipment for solid waste, utilities and snow removal operations; and $34 million for new technology and equipment for county government.

Kamenetz said his budget promises no layoffs or furloughs for school system employees and several police and fire organizations.

To read full coverage of the proposed plan, visit The Baltimore Sun.

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