MACo Offers Comments and Amendments on Fast-Tracked MOE Bill

Before the House Ways and Means Committee today, MACO offered a series of amendments and comments on HB 1412, legislation intended to dramatic reform school funding requirements.

The issues raised by MACo include:

Disallow “Artificial” Debt Service Movement
One-Time Employee Payments Excluded from MOE Base
Fairer Waiver Process
Cost Savings Waiver Allocation
Modify MOE “Assurance” Provisions
No Automatic Escalator
Fix Nonrecurring Costs Approval Process
Definition of Qualifying Effort County
Eliminate Punitive Replay of FY2012

The full set of comments are available online here.

House action is expected on the bill this week, likely as part of a mutil-part budget package, similar to that currently receiving Senate action.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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