Frederick County “Pension Shift Detrimental to Public Good”

In a formal letter of opposition to the Frederick County Delegation, the Frederick County Board of Commissioners stated that despite the fiscal constraints that the state is facing, the proposed pension shift would prove detrimental to the public good.  The county outlines that the implications and impact of the shift would include:

  • Without the offsets, $10.3 million in FY 2012 and escalates to $15.3 million by FY 2017
  • In FY 13, Frederick County would have to pay the state as much as they currently spend on Transit, courts and the Board of Elections, and by 2017 it would include all these agencies and the Parks and Recreation Division

The letter states:

After several years of frugal budgeting we have a made a much smaller and leaner but more efficient government in Frederick County. Our workforce today is approximately the size it was in 2004.  A 5-8% budget cut would result in drastic program reductions and personnel actions.

Additionally, we would note that local government has no control over teacher pension costs. Maryland law dictates the pension benefits and the local boards of education set the teacher salaries on which these benefits are based.

While we finally understand the fiscal constraints upon the state budget, we do not believe it would serve the citizens of Frederick County to make this fiscal shift.  The state pension is not a sustainable program at this time, and a local financial obligation with the current program would prove detrimental to the public good.

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