Council Member Turner Leads Rally Cry Against Teacher Pension Shift

Prince George’s County Council Member and MACo President Ingrid Turner is sending a strong message to Governor Martin O’Malley on the administration’s proposed teacher pension shift.  At Tuesday’s council meeting, Turner asserted that Maryland’s county governments need to unite and advocate against the shift, the Afro reports.

“The teachers are state employees of the state board,” Turner said. “It’s been like this for 85 years. The House needs to get e-mails and visits from us. They also need to e-mails from our citizens and our leaders.”

“His reason for shifting it is false. It’s not grounded,” Turner said. “We just want to bring clarity to that and say ‘if you think you’re going to fix the problem or fix the challenge the state has then that’s not solving the problem.’”

To learn more about the proposed teacher pension shift and the advocacy efforts of MACo and Maryland’s county governments, follow the Conduit Street blog.

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