“Stop The Shift” Coalition Underway

Following MACo’s adopting a firm and clear stance against the Governor’s proposed teacher pension shift, an initial meeting of a burgeoning coalition of like-minded organizations and stakeholders met to discuss efforts to stave off this costly proposal.

Joining county elected and appointed officials from multiple jurisdictions were representatives of numerous labor organizations, including those representing not only public school employees but also public safety, public health, and the general government workforce.  Labor representatives recognized that a massive shift of costs onto county governments could drastically impair any county’s ability to support its current workforce.

Advocates for school systems, libraries, and community colleges were also present and engaged in the early strategic discussion.

Representatives from nonprofit service organizations also participated in the discussion, recognizing the potential for a large county budget squeeze to reduce funding availability for community and social service functions.

Conversations among coalition members intimated that an online presence with grassroots capability would be forthcoming, as the stakeholders seek to make as substantial an impact as possible in resisting the pension shift.  Week watching Conduit Street for more information on this developing topic of major importance.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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