Message From The MACo President: “Impact of Teacher Pension Shift Would Be Crippling”

For the many of you that were able to attend this week’s Legislative Committee Meeting, you heard first-hand the important discussion on several pieces of legislation that have the ability to be devastating to our counties.  The impact of the Teacher Pension shift would be crippling to the counties we represent.  This shift could impact our abilities to provide funding for our libraries, community colleges, and non-profits.  For a County like mine, it could even impact our ability to fund the public safety recruits we so desperately need.

This is the most challenging fiscal period in our lifetime. This year cannot be business as usual.  MACo and you as members of MACo will play one of our most important roles to date.  MACo Staff, Board Members and other County officials continue to talk with leaders and members in the General Assembly to let them know the challenges the counties are facing.  The members of the Legislative Committee are working hard and we are fortunate to have a Governor that works with MACo and Senators and Delegates that will listen. This is an issue that requires all of us together to fight hard.  Let’s all make sure we deliver the message. 

I am visiting counties to sit down with you to talk about issues many of you are facing and issues that bring us together.  MACo does a great job bringing us together and advocating our positions.  I cannot wait to visit your county. If you have a special event or particular date you would like MACo’s President to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at or Karen Lowe in the MACo Office.

With these challenging times, counties are using innovation and creativity to make Maryland the best state in which to live, work, play and educate our children.  These best practices should to be shared and recognized.  With that in mind, I am happy to announce the Maryland Association of Counties President’s Healthy Counties Best Practices AwardThe purpose of this award is to recognize Maryland county programs that enhance the health of a county through best practices, innovative programs, and partnerships that enrich services to citizens while improving upon the fiscal wellness of the county.  Please think about submitting your county for an award that will be announced and presented during the Opening Session of the Summer Conference.  Award submissions are due by April 10, 2012.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as YOUR President.


Ingrid M. Turner, Esquire
Prince George’s County Council Member

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