MSDE Releases Draft calculations for Major State Programs

MSDE recently released its  preliminary draft calculations for the Major State Aid Programs for Fiscal Year 2013. Tables  listed below provide calculations for education funding including those figures used to determine wealth, total enrollment, and per pupil amounts.  They also provide a county by county breakdown for each component of education funding.

  • January 19, 2012 Preliminary Calculations for Major State Aid Programs-Summary
  • Enrollment for Calculating the Foundation Program
  • Wealth for Calculating the Foundation Program
  • Per Pupil Amounts
  • Foundation Program
  • Transportation Aid
  • State Compensatory Education
  • Limited English Proficient
  • Special Education
  • Guaranteed Tax Base Program
  • Supplemental Grants Program
  • Difference from Fiscal Year 2012 FINAL Calculations dated June 29, 2011

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