St. Mary’s Schools Seeking $6.5 Million Increase

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St. Mary’s Superintendent Micheal Martirano proposed an increase of $6.3 million to the school budget of Tuesday.  The budget proposal has no line items to cut staff or unpaid furlough days according to Southern Maryland Newpapers Online article.  The school board’s proposed budget is due to the county commissioner on March 1, “As previously discussed with the St. Mary’s Board of County Commissioners, there is no assigned funding level from the county at this time,” Martirano wrote in a budget summary.   Below is an excerpt from the article,

“During a joint meeting last October between the school board and county commissioners, John Savich, county administrator, said that any requests for additional school funding have to be for what school officials consider real needs, not wants. He also left the door open for possible increases to the school budget.  The school board’s proposed budget is due to the commissioners on March 1. That proposed budget could change after that because the state, which contributes a large share of the school budget, probably will not have the final amount of its allocation to the school board until after the Maryland General Assembly session ends in mid-April, Martirano said.”

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